Food Processing Technology

With the ever growing world of technology, there is a much greater need to optimize production while reducing costs and complying with health, environment and safety regulations at the same time.

In order to address the above situation, new food processing technology need to be implemented in order to get the job done.

To provide further information on this, we have put together a list of solutions for each processing stage starting with preparation, followed by Application of Heat, Removal of Heat and also Post-Processing and Packaging.

Food Processing Technology in different stages:

  • Preparation

When it comes to preparation it involves washing, sorting, grading, peeling and separating which requires a large amount of water. This all results in a high humidity level and along with cleaning agents, it causes a breach in bearing seals and corrosion issues.

The solution to this would be one of the following:

-Re-lubrication free solutions

-Manual maintenance solutions

-Maintenance automation solutions

  • Application of Heat

With high operating temperatures come high operating costs, too. By high temperature we mean things such as baking, frying and roasting. Chains and bearings need a lot of re-lubrication with food grade grease which costs a lot of money.

The following re-lubrication free products can help you reduce money spent:

-High temperature bearings and units

-Water Oven Units

-Fryer Bearing Units

-Double Shielded deep groove ball bearings

Food Processing Technologies

  • Removal of Heat

Ironic enough, sub-zero temperatures require a lot more maintenance than anything else (such as freezing, chilling and cooling processes).

During cleaning times, an increase in temperature can cause a breathing effect and have moisture enter the bearing. Due to this corrosion is often an after effect which leads to early failure or often replacement.

These products are designed to withstand cold temperatures:

-Corrosion-resistant bearings with solid oil

-Food line Y-bearing units

-Lubricated for life, custom grease-filled bearings

  • Post-processing and packaging

Hygienic cleaning in the food processing industry can cause a lot of damage to seals and cause corrosion.

Excessive re-greasing can also result in contamination of products and packaging.

We offer re-lubrication free technologies that will save you money on lubricants and prevent unplanned failure throughout the process.

These are some of those technologies:

-Food line Y-bearing units

-2RF bearing seals

-Machined sealing solutions

-Dry lubrication system for conveyors

-Linear ball bearings

-Ball and roller screws

-Profile rail guides

-Miniature profile rail guides

Technology for Food Processing

Now that you have a better understanding about the Food Processing Technology that can make YOUR life a lot easier and save you a lot of money, why not contact us today to find out more about Agriculture in general?

We have a wide variety of SKF products for you to choose from.

All the above information and images were sourced from the SKF Food and Beverage page and we hope that it has cleared up some dust!

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