Fincham Marine Industry

With over 2500km of coastline and habitable marine conditions, South Africa is a country with an abundance of marine life and incredible marine resources. That is why our marine industry can take full advantage of our natural resources as a significant part of our nation’s development, but at the same time also ensure that these resources are well managed by avoiding exploitation.

At Fincham, we are proud to be a part of the supply chain that provides parts and equipment to the trades that are related to our ocean.

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Marine Deck Equipment

Deck Equipment

Remote Monitoring

Condition monitoring solutions

Seals and Lubrication

Seals and Lubrication

Bearing Units and Housings

Bearings Units and Housings

Marine Adhesives and Sealants

Marine Adhesives and Sealants

Power Transmission Parts

Power Transmission Parts

Service and Monitoring

Engineering Services

Marine Alignment Tools

Alignment Parts

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Fishing Industry

Associated with the marine species diversity is the thriving fishing industry. We possess over 11000 species of animal life in our waters and fishing provides the livelihood for thousands of South African families. There are also numerous foreign fishing boats that stop in our harbours to replenish their supply and do maintenance work on their equipment. We at Fincham provide the necessary marine parts to both local as well as foreign fishing boats.

Cruise Lines

South Africa is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and this is greatly in relation to the magnitude of our coastline with magnificent views. We are often visited by international cruise ships that dock at our harbours and have local lines that travels along the coast. To ensure the safety of the large amounts of passengers, these ships will need top notch parts and equipment from reliable suppliers such as Fincham.

Small Scale Recreation

At a local and more relatable level, one of the biggest markets for marine machinery is small scale boats. These include speed boats, yachts, and sail boats that are privately owned by South Africans. Some of these boats are being used to run marine tours and can provide livelihoods for local business owners. These boats need constant maintenance during off peak season as well as upkeep while in operation. Our reliable service and products ensures that they are safe and accident free.

Mining and Marine Manufacturing

At an industrial level, sectors such as deep sea mining and manufacturing require vast amounts of highly specialised equipment and parts to accomplish certain tasks. The intricate engineering will only be as good as the reliability of the machine components.

Environmental Protection

Due to the consistently active marine activity, it is important for the government as well as private environmental protection entities to monitor the natural ecosystems along our coast. This of course also involves the necessity for specialised equipment as well as boats that need constant maintenance.

At Fincham, we take pride in providing the most reliable and top quality products that are applicable to all these industries. For more information, call us, or alternatively fill in our Contact Form and we will be in touch with you.


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