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As one of the key economic forces in Africa, South Africa is backed by a highly organised and fully developed mining industry. The nation was built with a long history in mineral mining which started in 1867 when diamonds were discovered along the banks of the Orange River. The discovery of gold deposits in Witwatersrand in 1886 contributed to the rise of Johannesburg, the current economic power hub of Africa.

The most famous minerals mined in South Africa include gold and diamond which are both highly popular for the production of jewellery as well as engineering equipment. However, not many people are aware that we are the world’s leading producer of minerals such as manganese, chrome, vanadium, platinum, and vermiculite. These are just examples to showcase the extensive range of underground natural resources we possess.

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Although mining has taken a slight dip in the GDP contribution of our country in more recent years (currently sitting at about 18% inclusive of direct as well as indirect contributions), it remains as one of the key industries that backs our economy. There are over 500 000 people who are directly employed by the mining industry and 500 000 thousand more who are employed by industries that are associated with mining.

Being such a large and significant support to our economy, mining is a high cost high return industry with strict monitoring. Majority of individuals working in this sector can be considered as being high risk in terms of safety. The conditions in the mines are not always comfortable and machinery plays a big role in the entire production line.

Faulty mining machinery parts can be detrimental to the safety of the workers. Therefore, it is a necessity for the mining equipment is constantly maintained to prevent them from becoming health and safety hazards.

Furthermore, in a vast industry like mining, a small problem on the production line can result in the delay of the entire mine. Aside from being time consuming to fix, the delay can essentially mount up to large amounts of profitable time to be wasted. As the saying goes, time is money, and wasting this time can cost millions.

Therefore, at Fincham we believe in prevention over solution. It is suggested that all mining parts should be carefully monitored so that faulty pieces are immediately found and replaced. Spending a little in service costs can end up saving you big sums in repairs.

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