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With the rapid global urbanisation and industrialisation, there is now a higher demand for manufactured goods especially in the urban hubs. To support the rapid growth of industry, we’ve had to evolve more efficient ways of mass producing consumer goods to keep up with the consumption.

The modern production line is a refined and well-organized set of activities that don’t only rely on the factory workers but also on the competence of the machinery involved. A clear majority of the production industry equipment involve constantly rotating and moving parts. These movements depend heavily on the production industry parts that hold the entire process together.

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As an example, within the food industry, machinery plays a big role from the actual processing through to the packaging of the final product. The food processing parts need to be constantly serviced to make sure that all the machinery run smoothly and without delay. A slight delay on the one machine can halt the entire production line, therefore causing direct damage to the productivity and profitability.

For industries like beverage processing, almost the entire line is run by machines with minimal number of workers who are only there to monitor that there are no mechanical errors. There are large amounts of movable parts that rotate the belts that run the line. These parts need constant service to secure their integrity.

The dependency of the production industry on reliable machine parts and components is undeniable. The availability of these parts can directly impact the integrity of the entire manufacture process. Many of these parts are under constant friction. This is very strenuous and the friction can wear down parts that are sub-par in terms of quality.

Furthermore, time restricted industries like the paper production products that run on a strict timeline between each section of the production line can suffer great losses if one piece of equipment is malfunctioning. This means that the paper pulp cannot make it to the next section before the batch is ruined.

Therefore, at Fincham, we only supply production industry parts from internationally recognised reliable brands such as SKF. We ensure that all our products are top notch quality so that our client’s machinery and equipment are always working under optimal circumstances.


These are just some examples out of the many reputable international brands that we stock at Fincham. For the full range of our automotive component catalogue, please visit our products page or alternatively fill in the Contact Form for one of our consultants to get in touch.