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We have some SKF Automotive News for you regarding newly signed contracts, deals and agreements between them and Jeep Compass.

SKF products are one of the most reliable sources that we have ever come across. With their unique bearing technologies, lubrication systems, sealing solutions and mechanical engineering, they have solutions for almost all the industries in need of these products.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s take a look at what is new!

SKF Automotive News – New agreement

SKF has been selected to supply front and rear wheel hub bearings for the new Jeep Compass SUV.

The Jeep Compass is a sophisticated, compact sport utility vehicle from FCA and is equipped with SKF’s third-generation, top quality front and rear wheel hub-bearing units!

The HBU3 is a lightweight wheel bearing system that combines both high levels of performance with reduced friction.

It also boasts features such as a double-row angular contact ball bearing, optimized contact angles and post-assembly machined rotating flange – this has helped reduce vibrations and noise during braking which ultimately leads to a much more comfortable driving experience (which is what we are all looking for in our automobiles).


All in all, SKF’s bearing designs are perfect for the robust FCA performance requirements to make it a more efficient, smooth and comfortable driving experience.

The HBU3 is being manufactured at their facilities in Busan, Korea as well as Cajamar, Brazil.

On top of it all, they will ALSO be supplying the Jeep COmpass with engine and gearbox seals.

Due to this agreement, it has further extended SKF’s relationship with FCA.


Now, here are some fun facts about the HBU3:

  • Flanged rings that have been designed for a lightweight structural component
  • Sealed with high-performance, application-specific grease
  • Flanges can be coated to avoid galvanic corrosion
  • Alternative designs are available for driven wheel applications
  • Available with ABS impulse ring mounted on the rotating ring

All the above information was gathered from the SKF Website from their news section.

We hope this blog post has provided you with some useful information – keep your eyes open for our monthly blog posts!

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