SKF QuickCollect Sensor

The SKF QuickCollect sensor is an easy to
use bluetooth enabled handheld sensor
that connects to apps on your tablet,
smart phone or smart watch. Combining
vibration and temperature sensing, overall
data can be viewed on the spot in real
time or pushed to the cloud for future
This SKF QuickCollect sensor is ideal for
service, reliability, operations, or maintenance
personnel as part of a walk around
data collection program.

Features of the SKF QuickCollect Sensor

  • Velocity, acceleration enveloping, and
    temperature measurements
  •  Bluetooth communication with tablets,
    smart phones, smart watches
  •  Easy to use sensor and apps
  •  Easy to understand indications of machine
  • Rugged industrial design – Drop test 1,8 m
    (6 ft.), water and dust resistant (IP65)
  •  Suitable for use in hazardous environments
    (ATEX Zone 1, Class 1, Div 1)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
    (8 hours normal usage)
  •  Option to connect, store and share data on
    the Cloud
  • Option to connect directly to SKF Remote
    Diagnostic Services

Benefits of the SKF QuickCollect Sensor

  • Gets you started quickly
  • Can be used with minimum training and experience
  • Identify developing rotating machinery issues before they become problems
  • Connect directly to expert advice when you need it
  • Expand functionality via apps to grow and compliment your existing maintenance program

Controls and Indicators


Measurement Displays


SKF Enlight QuickCollect System

The SKF QuickCollect sensor can be used
with the SKF QuickCollect app, or with SKF
DataCollect app which provides additional
functionality, including the ability to store and share data via the SKF cloud, and to
directly access SKF Remote Diagnostic


For more information on technical specifications download the SKF PDF Document: 17198-EN—SKF-QuickCollect-sensor

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