Top Five Deepest Mines In The World

The mining industry is incredibly big and has provided us with a lot of minerals that we still use to this day. Besides the use for them, most mines are relatively big and size and that includes depth. Out of the top five deepest mines in the world, all of them are here in the beautiful South Africa.

More on the Top Five  Deepest Mines In The World:

  1. Mponeng Gold Mine

This mine is located South-West of Johannesburg and is currently the deepest mine in the whole world! The average depth reaches an astonishing 2800 to 3400m below the surface. It is extremely rich in gold with grades up to 8g/t. Ironically the name of this mine means “Look at Me” in the local Sotho language.

Mponeng Gold Mine


  1. TauTona Gold Mine

As the second deepest mine in the world, The TauTona is located in the West Wits region of South Africa. Although the general mining depth is 1.85km to 3.45km. They have recently expanded it up to 3.9km with the addition of a secondary shaft in the year of 2008. The mining started back in 1962 with the construction of 800km of tunnels.

TauTona Gold Mine



  1. Savuka Gold Mine

Also located in the West Wits of South Africa, the Savuka falls as number three on our list of top five deepest mines in the world. It reaches an impressive depth of 3.7km! They have recently changed the mining method from longwall to sequential grid mining. In 2008 the shafts of Savuka was damaged by a seismic event, but everything was restored again in the year of 2011.

Savuka Gold Mine

  1. Driefontein Mine

As for the Driefontein, you can find it near Carletonville in Gauteng, South Africa. Over the years of its operation, it has reached a depth of 3.4km. Its operation dates all the way back to the 1950’s! They make use of both longwall and scattered mining methods to get the job done.
Driefontein Mine

  1. Kusasalethu Gold Mine

Located 75km West of Johannesburg, the Kusasalethu has made it as number five on our list. The mine was formerly known as Elandskraal Gold Mine when its operation started in the year of 1978. They make use of conventional mining methods in a sequential grid layout.

Kusasalethu Gold Mine

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