Wind Turbine Facts

How many wind turbine facts can you count on your hands? Wind Turbines are quite a majestic invention that has evolved immensely over the years. You can see them anywhere from on hills in open fields to busy city landscapes.

With the ever growing population and global warming, there is a much greater need for energy – renewable energy at that.

Wind Energy is one of the most cost effective alternatives that there is and has been around for thousands of decades and many more to come.

To brush up on our knowledge of Wind Turbines, let’s look at some facts that you might not be aware of.

wind turbine facts

Wind Turbine Facts:

  • In the olden days windmills were mainly used to crush grain and pump water, but in the more modern days they are mainly used to harvest electricity.
  • Nowadays there is a lot more planning and technicalities that go into wind turbines than when they were first invented. One wind turbine alone consists of as much as 8000 components.
  • These incredible machines might look small from far way, but the closer you get the sooner you will realize the size that they actually are. They can reach up to the height of the Statue of Liberty!
  • The more wind, the more energy which us why these wind turbines are so large – the higher up in the sky, the more wind they can catch which will in turn provide us humans with more electricity.
  • Other than most energy sources, wind energy is actually very affordable both to use and for operation. Besides the cost effectiveness, it is also a very clean source of energy which means a lot less pollution the more it is used.

wind energy

  • Wind Energy does in fact not use any water which can help us save trillions of litres of water for future generations to come.
  • The blades on these machines are evidently very large in size, but did you know they can reach a  speed of up to 320 km/h?
  • The largest wind turbine is located in Hawaii – it stands 20 stories tall and has blades the length of a football field.
  • Wind Turbines can be placed on floating objects and send energy back to the land with underwater cables.
  • A single wind turbine can power up to 500 houses on average
  • A farm that consists of only Wind Turbines are known as wind farms and are becoming more and more popular in the modern lifestyle

wind turbine

Now that we have covered some random facts about wind energy and wind turbines, let’s also take a look at some of the products that we provide to the Energy Industry:

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With the above information put together you have now broadened your knowledge about wind turbine facts and can see how Fincham Bearings and Industrial plays a role in making sure these machines function at their best at all times.

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