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In an effort to step up to the ever-changing consumer needs, the manufacturing of automotive parts is in need of consistent modernization and technical advancements. This is due to the demanding industry standards as well as the fierce competition. To ensure that a car acquires the relevant safety and quality ratings, it is important that the manufacturer chooses reliable suppliers of auto parts.

automotive parts

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Here in South Africa, we host a vast range of vehicle manufacturing plants from major global key players. These include, but are not limited to, Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. Most of these global leaders in automotive manufacturing are based in either Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, and Gauteng. It is due to these foreign interests that created the large market for car parts and industrial automated systems.

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As a specified and relevant example, the automotive industry in port Elizabeth forms one of the central hubs of commercial earnings locally. The sizeable foreign investments that are being made to the local market include manufacturing plants such as Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz. It forms a major part of the local as well as national annual GDP. Vehicles that are assembled in the Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas are exported not only to neighbouring African countries, but also to global financial power holders such as the United States, Britain, Australia, and Germany.

The flourishing motor industry has in turn given rise to the success of automotive suppliers in South Africa. The vehicle components and automotive plastics in Port Elizabeth stimulates economic growth and contributes to job creation. At Fincham, we are proud to be a part if this supply chain and offers a wide range of top quality brands for products such as automotive cleaners, automotive chemicals, auto oil, and auto grease.

The industry is regulated and protected by the Auto Supply Chain Competitiveness Initiative (ASSCI). They aim to assist in developing individual supplier capabilities, strategically improve competitiveness, training capable individuals for jobs in the industry, and localisation of supply.

As with any industry, the quality of the final product is empirical to the success of the business. The is particularly true for the automotive industry due to the passenger safety issues related to this sector of production. Even the most insignificant engineering error can cause lives to be lost.

Therefore, at Fincham, we only supply internationally recognised brands that are reliable and are strictly quality controlled.


These are just some examples out of the many reputable international brands that we stock at Fincham. For the full range of our automotive component catalogue, please visit our products page or alternatively fill in the Contact Form for one of our consultants to get in touch.