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One of the main global concerns for the 21st Century is sustainability and global warming. With the constantly growing population, necessities such as food, water, and electricity are becoming increasingly strenuous. Therefore, scientists and world leaders are putting more effort into developing technology for renewable resources.

The traditional method used by the energy industry for energy production is burning coal. However, we have now established that burning coal is detrimental to the environment and is a major cause of global warming. Furthermore, coal and other bio-fuels or natural gases are non-renewable resources that are rapidly being depleted.

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With that being said, here in South Africa we are constantly being set back by the shortage in electricity service delivery. Issues such as load shedding and (in some areas) the complete lack of electricity are struggles we face daily. We are no doubt in need of better infrastructure in the energy industry.

Therefore, we at Fincham believe that to improve on the national as well as global power crisis, it is necessary to invest in renewable energy sources such as wind power and hydro power. Both methods use the same principal to generate electricity: turning a turbine using a natural force that doesn’t require the burning of bio-fuel.

Wind turbines and water turbines use intricately engineered power generation parts such as bearings that rotate when an external force is placed on it (in this case water or wind). These types of moving machinery are quite strenuous on the turbine parts due to the constant friction and rotation. That is why Fincham only offers internationally recognised brands that are reliable and top notch in terms of quality.


Dependable electricity generation is an important factor for the social economic development in South Africa. An hour of load shedding can cost the country millions of Rands worth of production losses for many industries. Therefore, turbine parts should always be regularly maintained and serviced to prevent unexpected damages.

Another big part of our national energy chain is the petroleum industry. We do not have oil reserves of our own in South Africa. However, we have the forefront technology for crude oil refining and coal liquefaction. The processing of fuels requires highly specialise machinery and equipment that are no doubt very expensive and high maintenance. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your machinery are equipped with the best quality parts in order to achieve optimal results.


These are just some examples out of the many reputable international brands that we stock at Fincham. For the full range of our automotive component catalogue, please visit our products page or alternatively fill in the Contact Form for one of our consultants to get in touch.